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Stavropoleos Church
18 June 2017

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Colourful rooster
15 June 2017

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Abandoned house
14 June 2017

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Can't get enough
12 June 2017

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Moldovita Monastery 3
10 June 2017

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In the spring
7 June 2017

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2 June 2017

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31 May 2017

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Spring time
18 May 2017

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17 March 2017

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2 July 2016

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Michelangelo's Pieta
29 November 2014

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Meanwhile, in Dusseldorf...
22 November 2014

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9 September 2014

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10 June 2014

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On the water...
1 December 2012

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The airline from Abu Dhabi
19 February 2010

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Stavropoleos Church

L'Angevine on Just some trees showing off

Anne on Stavropoleos Church
Joli patio!

L'Angevine on My morning view

omid on My morning view
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! lovely view!

L'Angevine on Colourful rooster
belles couleurs

L'Angevine on Abandoned house
bien ce lieu

beach on Colourful rooster
Very colourful indeed

L'Angevine on Abandoned house
superbe ce vert

omid on Abandoned house
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & textures! Amazing!

L'Angevine on Can't get enough
bien circulé

L'Angevine on Moldovita Monastery - outside view

L'Angevine on Moldovita Monastery 3
belle perspective et effet

L'Angevine on Moldovita Monastery 2

Curly on Moldovita Monastery 2
A very richly detailed frame!

L'Angevine on Moldovita Monastery
c'est beau

L'Angevine on In the spring

L'Angevine on Typical house

L'Angevine on Putna Monastery

L'Angevine on Sucevita Monastery B&W
oh magnifique

omid on Sucevita Monastery B&W
such beautiful frame, lights & effect!

Curly on Sucevita Monastery B&W
Superbly framed shot with the ultra short lens.

Annima on Sucevita Monastery B&W
Belle prise.

L'Angevine on Selfie

L'Angevine on Sucevita Monastery

L'Angevine on Migration

Ana Lúcia on Sucevita Monastery
Nice detail. Fantastic.

L'Angevine on Spring time in Bucovina, Romania

Annima on Migration
Nice shot.

Lilly 2¢ on Migration
I would not bother to migrate - it looks real fine right there !

omid on Spring time in Bucovina, Romania
Lovely view!

L'Angevine on Voronet Monastery

L'Angevine on Ion Creanga Memorial house - outside view
c'est du bon travail

Gemma Wiseman on Ion Creanga Memorial house - outside view
Such a cute piece of sunny architecture.

Lewis on Ion Creanga Memorial house 2
Beautiful interior!

L'Angevine on Romanian writer
bien vu

L'Angevine on Neamt Monastery 3
belle prise

L'Angevine on Neamt Monastery 2
bien ce rouge

L'Angevine on Neamt Monastery
belle arche

Curly on Neamt Monastery 2
I love these warm colours!

L'Angevine on On the road
bien ces verts

L'Angevine on Early morning

L'Angevine on Misty morning
agréable recherche

L'Angevine on Spring time

L'Angevine on Come under my umbrella
oh excellent

L'Angevine on Carina

omid on Carina
so cute! :)

L'Angevine on Colors of fall

L'Angevine on Burning incense

Anne on Colors of fall
Nice alley!

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